Oak City Clarinet is dedicated to providing high quality clarinet, bass clarinet, and saxophone instruction at fair prices. I believe that music education is life education and should be available to everyone!

Introductory Lesson Bundles

As an introductory rate, I offer bundled lessons. Once the first set of bundled lessons are complete, you will be moved to our regular individual rates.

  • $120 for 5 weeks, 1/2 hour per week**
  • $240 for 5 weeks, 1 hour per week**

Individual Lessons by Lesson

  • $30 for 1/2 hour**
  • $45 for 45 minutes**
  • $60 for 1 hour**

Individual Lessons by Month

  • 1/2-hour lessons $120 for 4 weeks**
  • 45-minute lessons $180 for 4 weeks**
  • Hour lessons $240 for 4 weeks**

Please Contact Me to book your lessons, or to make inquiries. Flexible pricing arrangements are available for qualifying students. I accept all major credit cards and checks.

**Mileage charge for customers: Since I travel to a lot of my customers, I will add a mileage charge to the price of lessons on each invoice. This will be the round-trip distance at the IRS rate of $0.545/mile.