Alexandra (German) Polacheck, Ph.D.

I took clarinet lessons with Roddy many years after playing regularly in high school and college. I had previously played in the NY All State wind ensemble and for the Carnegie Mellon All University Orchestra, but had become very rusty.  Roddy was able to meet me exactly where I was: a formerly dedicated player with a good foundation, who had forgotten some of the basics and many of the advanced skills.  He quickly assessed my strengths and areas for improvement and was able to tailor our lessons to get my breathing and finger-work to a better place. He appropriately pushed me on tempo and dynamics where he felt I could excel but was holding back.  I feel like I recouped years of lost time in just a few months!  As a teacher, he was professional, flexible in terms of scheduling, attentive through our lessons, and followed up during the week via email with helpful exercises.  I highly recommend Roddy, including for non-beginners.